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I’d been thinking of doing a post on maxi dresses for quite awhile but it never got to get posted. Anyway, as there’s a saying in Hindi “Der aaye durust aaye” πŸ™‚
So here it is.

Sun can be, oh no – it actually is very very brutal in summers. Hence, choosing appropriate summer outfits becomes a necessity to sustain. Even if one is spending most of the time in AC-ed environment, the ease of carrying outfit between various spots one goes to during the day has to be there.

Till last year, I hadn’t ever tried maxi dresses (I so much hate myself for the same) but then I picked up a couple of pieces from a flea market and since then there’s no stopping me. Now I feel what my mother used to say about maxis (Oh she’s a maxi lover!). The comfort and grace that you can get in these is unfathomable. Lesson: Listen to your mother (even more than ever) πŸ˜›

Styling a maxi dress is very basic depending upon the occasion. You can glam it up as well for events or accessorize with a hat for beaches or for a regular Sunday outing in summers.

I’m sharing two ways of how I styled maxi dresses.

1. If you follow Kintyish on Instagram, you’d have seen this yesterday. That’s how I chose to wear this beautiful maxi dress filled with roses of aqua & mint colors. What else do you need in summers, eh?

A biggggg hat works like an umbrella, literally, rather a kintyish(stylish) umbrella πŸ˜‰ I also carried my wallet in sling format and tied (with a bow) my silk scarf around the wallet. A scarf is another summer essential that one needs. Tying is just another way of carrying the scarfΒ when one is not wearing it. Pair of flat sandals would complete the look.

Do not – do not forget to wear sunscreen!

Maxi Dress Courtesy: Shakumbhari

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2. Generally, it is thought that maxi dresses aren’t for events as they aren’t really evening gowns but aren’t we forgetting that a maxi dress is an alternate form of a gown?! We just need to style it a little according to the event.

Remember the FitBit launch from last year where Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff were there?! This is what I wore to that event. Comfortable and glam (little though).

Of course, the print of dress also matters. If you’re picking it for an event, try to pick something like this or even simpler (plain).

I chose blingy hoops, matching metallic wrist watch, bright pink lips and a black leather bag to go with this dress.

You may go even blingy-er. Make sure to not overdo though <my personal opinion>.

Maxi Dress: Flea Market

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Pictures Courtesy (Last Two) : Kyn Chaturvedi

How would you style your maxi dress. Ping me here! πŸ™‚

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