Hi Everyone!

Almost everyone when listen to or reads “Kintyish”, there are several questions that pop up in their minds.

I’ve tried to answer few of them here. 🙂

It starts with a question most frequently asked:

  1. What does “Kintyish” mean?

It has been derived from the name my parents call me with – “Kinty”. I use the word as an adjective quite often (ex: Stay Kintyish) as this depicts the taste of style I have developed over the time i.e. my personal style.

  1. Why Kintyish?

It is platform for me to share my love for clothes, designs and personal style. I’m happy to share stories behind my styling or designs. It’s a platform where creativity is the foundation. Why not spread the love? :B

  1. Who clicks my photos or any photos on the blog?

Mostly, my close friend/s. Whosoever fits in the schedule and vice-versa will do the honour. Credits are given for every post 🙂 If not, that would be someone from Team Kintyish. And if I’m not the subject, the photographer is yours truly <for pictures without credits> 🙂

  1. What is the Self-Designed section about?

Well, for this answer, jump right here 😀

  1. Is it just for the shoot you wear these clothes?

No. I wear them all throughout the day. The blog is about my personal style so if you’d bump into me, you might see me wearing the same outfit which has already been featured on the blog. And oh yes! I do repeat clothes 🙂

  1. What else do you do?

Apart from styling & blogging, I design and tailor clothes for myself as well – a glimpse of which you can get in the “Self-Designed” section. I’m on the verge of completion of my MBA. I’ve had an experience of 29 months in a venture funded high-growth technology startup. Here’s the link to my LinkedIn profile – just in case 🙂 I love to sing, play dumb charades and most importantly – I love to talk! You’ll figure once you’d meet me. 😀

  1. Who else is in Team Kintyish?

There’s this support who has always been there as the backbone. To be continued..

Well, answer to the last question will be out soon 😉 Meanwhile, if there’s anything else about Kintyish that you’d wish to know, drop a note here: Contact 🙂