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There has been a recent trend with celebrities launching their own labels. If we look at it from a business perspective – the influential power that the celebrities have is immense. An amalgamation of the same along with the sound domain familiarity gives huge potential to the associating collaborators & of course to the celebrity too.

This is a huge potential area where the celebrities are turning businessmen/women & leveraging on their brand value. And why not? They’ve totally earned it. Also, the audience relates to these people, their lifestyle, their habits & hence enough factors to adopt the labels.

Each celebrity has its own fan base which caters to different or similar demographics. For example: Alia Bhatt may have major fans in the category of fashionable & enthusiastic (20-30 in age) youth & hence her line in collaboration with Jabong targeted this audience.

Few months ago, our very own cricket icon Mr. MS Dhoni launched his own label into the market which focuses on active lifestyle targeted on the youth. Everyone knows about the fitness regime that this star has & the brand value? Well, it’s rather the brand having Mahi value! 😉 This philosophy of active lifestyle – quite intrinsic to Dhoni’s demeanor  – shines out in his label  “Seven by MS Dhoni”Last week, he was here in the capital to launch its latest collection in collaboration with Jabong.

According to him, “Youth is the essence. Active Lifestyle/Fitness is not only for sportsperson or only for the people who want to excel at sports & want to be the best in the world. It’s actually for everyone & that’s where the concept of active lifestyle comes into the picture. To have an active lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to spend 4 hours a day in the gym, it could be just a 15/30 minutes walk a day rather. We’re losing on active lifestyle these days.”

I completely agree with him. The lifestyle we have is totally gadget-filled (recall my opening lines on this previously published article?). The routine should be such that it takes care of your fitness automatically. Of course, if you want to be an athlete, that’s another story though.

The label “Seven by MS Dhoni” completely synchronizes with the Captain’s philosophy. According to my conversation with his labels’s representatives, he himself ensures the concept of active lifestyle is being given the first priority be it the finest product quality or the price that fits everyone’s budget. Well, that’s quite impressive!

Check out the snapshot of their website which justifies the entire intent.


Why don’t you go right away to “7.life” & let me know what you liked the best about it!

Here is Mr. Dhoni while sharing his thoughts at the event. 🙂


And oh btw, how could I spare getting his autograph! 😀 I took this for my brother who’s a huge fan. I had to sacrifice my selfie with the star to get this but it was totally worth it when my brother jumped with joy! 😀 😀


On this note, see you <virtually 😉 > soon with a new post soon!

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