Review: Elle Spa & Salon (Mayur Vihar, Noida)

Our life has been so gadget-filled these days rather we are so much into gadgets that we almost have become one. It’s very important for one to rejuvenate oneself regularly in order to stay a human (God knows if there’s robots in our evolution chain further *sigh*) and enjoy life. I have this habit of keeping my phone or laptop etc in a lock when I need some peace or quality time for myself or my loved ones. We always have an option of call back in case we miss a few calls but no one would give us a chance for experiencing again the precious moments lost 🙂

Anyhow, one has his/her own ways of revitalizing be it switching off the gadgets or do small small things regularly that keep one alive. I, along with my colleague, recently got to experience one of these small things to refresh myself. The spa. Honestly, that’s one thing which I earlier used to think is not required but recently I had been thinking about our so called robotic lifestyle – trust me, one really needs this regularly to be in the game!

Our team got to experience the services offered at Elle Spa & Salon (inside the Crown Plaza, Mayur Vihar – Noida) which has recently been launched to offer spa and salon services.

Few things to know about Elle Spa & Salon:

The Elle Spa first unveiled at the SSR International Airport in Mauritius is an oasis of wellness, which immerses guests into a deep relaxing trance at its ultramodern lounge with expert spa specialists, trained to offer wonderful hours of luxurious pampering. With plans to go big, the brand has a state-of -the-art ELLE Spa and Salon at the Novotel Goa Shrem Resort, where guests can enjoy the elegant ambience and decor while being immersed in deep relaxation and luxury grooming. The 22,000 sqft ELLE Spa and Wellness Center in Miami has been recognized among the best new spas by Condé Nast Traveller.

The reception area has pleasant lighting, fragrance of freshness and fresh flowers setting. Even a couple of minutes wait in the area would lighten your mood. top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_1.0 top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_1.2

The services we took were:

  • Signature Serene Massage (The Ultimate Pamper Massages)
  • Himalayan Clay Body Ubtan (Body Wrap)

Since salon services were not being offered last week, we could not experience the same. They’re supposed to get a green flag this week. You might want to check about the same before you plan a visit there.

Coming to the review:

  1. Signature Serene Massage: Before any spa service, there is a form that needs to be filled in order to convey your preferences regarding various aspects such as medical history, skin preferences or pressure preferences – light, medium or high. After the analysis, the massage type is recommended. You can also choose your own massage if you possess the appropriate knowledge to do so. These were the options available: top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_1.1

Each massage has a different post massage impact  which again is different for different people depending upon their age or body type – even if they take the same type of massage. For example: I along with my colleague took the same type of massage however I felt a little refreshingly tired (I wanted to sleep) post massage but she was quite energized and she even ran errands post massage. Though I didn’t have a choice except attending the meetings I’d scheduled following the session. Duh.

I had aches on some foot points which last for 4-5 days after the massage but my colleague didn’t. So, see?

I’d recommend taking the massage in such a manner that afterwards you can go home and relax, considering my experience 😉

One important point is that one should be frank about the pressure or massage procedure in order to have a cherishing experience rather than being shy about the preferences. The masseuse generally asks about the same regularly too. I took this massage for only 30 minutes as compared to its regular 60 minutes time frame. Overall, the massage was 3.5/5 however the entire experience was 4.5/5

The price of this massage is INR 3250 (+ Taxes) per person per 60 minutes session and INR 4500 (+ Taxes) per person per 90 minutes session.

Here’s me with Zan, my masseuse 🙂 top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_1.5


  1. Himalayan Clay Body Ubtan (Body Wrap):

I took this before the massage session. The reason for choosing a wrap and not scrub was my sensitive skin. Also, as explained by Zan, this suited my skin type as well.

The body, once ubtan has been applied on it , is wrapped tightly with an opaque foam like fabric. Zan explained that by doing so, skin is tightened. Also, this ubtan has multiple benefits as mentioned below. top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_5

I felt my skin was actually supple post shower. Considering it was totally natural ubtan, no redness was seen which is generally the case when I apply something on my skin. Hence, big thumbs up. This took 30-40 minutes only. top best indian fashion blog styling blog - elle spa and salon review_4

Spot the ubtan 😉

The only con of this session is its price. I genuinely feel that INR 3000 (+ Taxes) for this wrap session (45 minutes) is way too much considering there was only application of the ubtan and wrap. This ubtan can easily be made at home with the ingredients.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, relaxing & effortless ubtan session, this is your place. However, if you’re not into luxury and are looking for something which needs effort – you may try the home made one and apply yourself!

Overall, the place certainly needs to be visited – if you’re looking to shu away all your tensions or even if you simply need a break.

Find them online here:

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And Yes, I am very excited for my next blogpost – which is going to be under “Self-Designed” section. So stay tuned 🙂


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