Review: Insta Glow Facial at ISAAC, Delhi

I always get scared when something like “facials or skin treatment” is even whispered around me. The reason is my super sensitive skin. Currently, there exist countable number of products that I have been using on my face in terms of regular care or makeup. Most of the time, it’s just a BB cream which takes care of all my face needs. With respect to care, I use a medicated prescribed facewash; multani mitti (Indian Fuller’s Earth) facpack or occasional aloe vera gel. Though scrub forms an important part of the face care, my doctor has recommended me not to use scrub or if at all, a very mild one.

All in all, it’s a very simple face care routine for me. So recently when ISAAC invited for an expert consultation with one of the renowned experts in the industry, I immediately said yes. The reason – I always keep looking for any expert tips that could help me with a better and not so complicated skin care regime.

There was a face-to-face consultation session with Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta who before prescribing understood my skincare regime and then gave her recommendation. Apart from the products, she recommended “Insta Glow Facial” as it was the basic one considering my very simple routine and skin type. She also mentioned that, the treatment would help maintain healthy skin glow in the long run as well – if taken proper care.

Technology and Procedure:

The process of this facial seemed very regular to me (cleanse:massage:pack) except a new step of microdermabrasion. Cleansing then massage with aloevera gel & vitamin C serum; then microdermabrasion, and lastly a peel mask was applied. Microdermabrasion combines vacuum suction with tiny abrasive crystals to polish away the uppermost layer of skin, eliminating roughness as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It is a quick and virtually pain-free procedure that uses tiny, rough aluminum crystals to vigorously exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells. Scrub wasn’t used for me because of the reason as mentioned above.

What happened immediately post facial?

After the facial, I was zoned out “refreshingly” for some time. Zoned out because I generally do not sit idle for such long time (45 minutes is the duration) and “Refreshingly” because the facial was certainly very very refreshing – genuinely.

Though the glow wasn’t there immediately, it took an hour for my friend to tell the difference. Next morning, face looked even better with respect to evening out of the skin.

The doctor prescribed a sunscreen to be used regularly in order to be able to maintain the facial effect. Generally, with the sunscreen use only, facial glow stays for approximate 20 days. Isn’t that great?! 😀 The price for this facial is INR 1500 plus taxes. Trust me – it’s totally totally worth it!

A special mention for the staff and ambience of this place – you wouldn’t feel the place like a skin treatment centre. Following pictures would give you the hint.

Himanshi Mukhija; best top indian fashion and styling blog beauty blog ISAAC insta glow facial review 2

I’m totally planning on taking this facial again! Highly recommended 🙂 I’ll update the post once I take this again and what were the effects in long run.

This is one of the treatments I had been recommended however, ISAAC offers a lot of other treatments for which you may find the details here.

Let me know if you plan to visit there 😀


Lots of love and happiness,


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