Review: Spawake Moisture Fresh BB Cream

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I generally am not too much into cosmetics and similar products however when Spawake launched the moisture fresh BB cream with so much of promising results, I had to try. Since this particular BB cream takes care of multiple skin concerns such as moisture, protection, coverage and smoothening skin texture, the hassle & risk of applying multiple products on the face is reduced. What if the cream also has an SPF of 25/PA++?! Does wonders, right? The Spawake moisture fresh BB Cream along with the Spawake Whitening Triple Care Serum was launched last month at a very enjoyable event (powered by Femina India) hosted by Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director & CEO, KOSÉ Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director and CEO, Kose Corporation India Pvt Ltd addresses the guests

Yes, I’m a little late in posting this but wait till you know the reason. Before I could share about the cream, I wanted to try the cream myself for a sufficient period of time. Hence, I waited till I was completely sure of the results. I haven’t tried the serum yet. For the cream – well, here it goes.

Spawake is formulated with sea-sourced active ingredients and developed under advanced Japanese technology for healthy glowing skin.  The concept of “Sea extracts” is new in India. Oh how we envy the Japanese’s skin! *Sigh*

My skin is super sensitive and I think/research/test any product before using on my face almost a hundred times. Even before I started using Spawake moisture fresh BB Cream, I tested it on a very small skin patch. The cream is neither too creamy to spill oil on the face (I already have very oily skin) nor too dry. Also, one would need a drop’s quantity for the entire face. I would suggest to apply small small dots on the various areas of face and then smoothen. As the cream gets absorbed very easily, the same would be highly advisable and beneficial.


I apply almost 2-3 dots on my forehead, each cheek, and 1 each on the chin & the nose. One dot would be very tiny as the tube is very friendly in terms of the quantity that comes out per stroke. I really love the way the tube has been designed. My 15 g tube is still running after having been used for a month everyday. However, the kind of coverage one would want also decides the life of the tube. I use it for a very mild coverage.


The cream is available in two shades as of now – Shade 1 (Perfect Glow) & Shade 2 (Natural glow)

You may choose the one that’s closest to your skin tone. The cream has a very mild & fresh fragrance which is signature for all the Spawake products. The price of 15 g tube is INR 129 & of 30 g tube is INR 249. The BB cream delivers on what the manufacturer promises. 5/5 from my side 🙂


Following are few pictures from the launch event. It was one of the most fun events I’ve attended lately; literally. Special mention for the Femina India team & Shruti for the beautiful decor & our flower headbands 😀

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The rejuvenating range of products from Spawake

Beautiful Beach Theme Set-up


See how happy we are 😉 With a fellow blogger – Mitha from MitzItUp


People behind the event 😛 With Chirag from Femina India & Shruti


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Himanshi ❤

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