Heylo, Lovely People!

Hope everyone has been having super wonderful time 🙂

One can’t be dressed up all the time for every occasion that’s there. There’ll always be a situation when you’d need to compromise on or alter your outfit & you won’t have the time to do it. For example: You go to a party in a super casual outfit but as soon as you enter, you realize you’re a little under-dressed for the occasion. There are 3 ways to handle this situation:

  1. Just be yourself & don’t get bothered by who’s wearing whatever!
  2. Go back home & dress up – if you really have the time.
  3. Impromptu alteration of outfit in a jiffy.

Now, I’d recommend the first choice as I really believe in one branding their own persona. On the other hand, if you choose one of the other two options – you’re not who doesn’t believe in the first one. It’s okay to get the feel of the event 🙂

Now, for the third one – what would you do?

  • Put on a bright red lipstick & get the glam with your pout
  • Take off your jacket & flaunt that off shoulder top & skirt combo
  • Take out a jazzy accessory from your bag & enhance the denim dungaree that you’re wearing.
  • Maybe – put on a blazer on your shirt to make the outfit look classy!

We all have our ways to handle such situations. 🙂 You feel helpless for a second & immediately figure out a way.

Styling the same outfit in multiple ways is something all of us should learn & develop over time. Of course, the styling is a reflection of intrinsic taste that one has developed till now so there’s no comparison of which one is better.

Recently, when I was on my way to a vacation – I wanted to choose an outfit for my journey that should be

  1. Comfortable (which has always been my utmost priority, no matter wherever I go)
  2. Chic (Well, yeah! 😀 )
  3. Classy! (This is extra topping on the pizza.)

So, here I chose a denim dungaree; with cool pair of sneakers & a classy cut ivory blazer.

You can find the dungaree & the sneakers in VeroModa stores as it falls under the latest collection.

The blazer is an oldie & goodie from Forever 21.

Since, I was allowed to have a cabin baggage, I didn’t miss out the opportunity of carrying this sling cum handbag Carlton London beauty.

kintyish.com_outfit post_what to wear in Maldives_airport_look_1

Once we reached our destination, I wanted to just sit, have tea & stare at the beautiful Indian ocean. I just took off the blazer, shoes & put on a pair of flip-flops & sat on our water villa stairs.

Because shorts & tshirts are clichéd for the sea, eh? 😛 My easy breezy denim dungaree played well. How would you style your denim dungaree at such location? Share your thoughts.

Many more outfit posts are on the way so, stay glued! 😀

Stay Kintyish.


kintyish.com_outfit post_what to wear in Maldives_airport_look_water_villa_1

kintyish.com_outfit post_what to wear in Maldives_airport_look_water_villa_2

kintyish.com_outfit post_what to wear in Maldives_airport_look_water_villa_3

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