The Pretty Perception.

Hello People! 🙂

I’m super happy right now. Well, you would have an idea of it 😛

Yes, did some shopping last weekend after such a long time (obviously one would be happy).

Unlike last time, it was a little more (Just few bags and few pairs of footwear).

Plus, I had my convocation ceremony last weekend (Finally, it happened (sigh!) two years after I graduated :D) and this was the dress I chose.

I was so confused about what to wear for the day and this one came out. Sometimes, you just want to pick your simple favorite dress and just go with it even for the important events. This was like one of those days for me 🙂 I had designed this dress long time back and from then it’s been a savior.

I paired it with matching earrings and a golden-ish pair of flats. Well then, all the time saved in choosing the dress was spent in my hair styling done by my dearest friend Shruti. She was much more excited about my convocation-look than I was. 😀

Managed to get few pictures on my way! Have a look and share your views 🙂





Till the next post, enjoy and stay kintyish! 🙂

Dress(Top,bottom): Self-designed

Footwear: Reliance Footprint



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