Design Tale #1 “Different Shades of Black”

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here’s the first design story of the blog. As mentioned already, this new section will contain the A2Z of my designs.

This post is about the story behind a top I wore “here”.

All of us know that black is evergreen. I had decided to get myself something black and something by wearing which I won’t get bored.

So, my mother bought me this fabric (which was perfect black from the type of fabric to the color of it-trust me-mothers are good at that :D).

The inspiration was to make a top which I’d be able to wear without any “second thought”.

So there it is!


Let me know how’d you find the idea of new section and what else would you like to see here. 🙂

How did I style it?

Well, for that see the following pictures and for more, click on the picture, it’ll take you to the corresponding outfit posts.



Till the next story, stay Kintyish!

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