Happy Holi ^_^

Holi hai! 😀

For the triumph of God over evil, happy Holi! 🙂

As per Indian mythology, Holi is associated with an incident when King Hiranyakashipu’s (a demon king) sister Holika sat with her brother’s son Prahlada in fire with an intention of burning Prahlada. Prahlada was devoted to Lord Vishnu which was against Hiranyakashipu’s approach so the king ordered his son to be burnt alive. This was one of his various unsuccessful attempts of killing Prahlada. As Holika wore a cloak while sitting along with Prahlada in fire which would help her survive but eventually, by the God’s grace, the cloak shifted to Prahlada’s body and Holika was burnt.

Hence, the Holi festival starts with a bonfire which symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the very next day, everyone drowns in the colours of love and joy! ^_^

Here is what I wore assuming that I won’t get myself splashed 😛

Thanks to my dear brother and a dear friend who broke my premise 😉

Have a safe and happy Holi everyone.






Sweater: Stop ( Shopper Stop)

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