A big hello everyone! 😀

I have been almost invisible for some time now; I sincerely apologize for that.

And finally I have managed to take some time out for a new post amidst case studies, case presentations and lectures. Yes, you read it right; I’m back to being a student again and that too, a business student 😀

So imagine!

It’s been over a month I have entered into the course and I tell you it’s super fun (read: hectic-scheduled fun :P). Meeting new people, the learning process, the location (It’s Delhi only :D), everything has been adding to the excitement *_*!

Well, following are the pictures from a latest lunch we had (read: a break from business suits and formals *Sigh*) and my dear friend Shivani was kind enough to give me some nice pictures for the blog 😀 *Thank you Shivani*

I’m wearing a self-designed kurti with matching wooden pair of earrings. I paired them with a plain blue denim and jaipuri flats shown below.

Let me know how’d you like it ^_^

and yes, I’ll try my best to be regular from now onwards #How would I satiate without blogging anyway?! 😀

Lots of love,








#Jaipuri #Flats


Here’s my lovely friend Sonali 😀 # Well, we were trying very hard not to pose 😛


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