Wondering what could actually be the content of this post?

Well, salon services do make you feel pampered, right?

I was recently invited by the “Warren Tricomi” team to enjoy the experience of their signature service “Menage-a-Trois”  which comprises of manicure, pedicure & facial; and an “Express Hair Cut” session.

I was a little reluctant about the hair services part as I get scared when anyone even talks about hair cut; oh Yes! I’m one of those “I-want-long-hair” kind of persons but Ugen, the creative stylist at Warren Tricomi, had something else in mind. I came back home with a new hairstyle *facepalm* however, I’m loving my new look 🙂

Now coming to the “Menage-a-Trois”, as far as the facial is concerned – I was happy to see the Forest Essentials products on the shelf. I told the staff that my skin is extremely oily so they should use the product range accordingly. The salon has very comfortable chairs on which all the three services included in the package can be done simultaneously.

The icing on the cake was the view one gets while sitting on the chair; the location in itself is a selling proposition, in my opinion. I had asked for manicure to be done after the facial & pedicure so that I could enjoy the view. 😛

For pedicure and manicure, the products used are from Cuccio. The massage was so perfect, I almost fell asleep 😛 During my pedicure massage only, the facial massage was being done so you can imagine 😉

For the manicure, I chose for “French manicure” which came out really well. I expected the staff member, Om Pal, to use stickers for the perfect shape for nails but to my surprise, he didn’t need any. Considering the nail paint was from Cuccio, I expected it to stay longer than it actually did. There were cracks within three days in the white part of the nails. The one on feet which was a different one (not the french one) stayed longer; it is still there. I’ve had a better experience with nail paints from other brands specially Colorbar and Loreal.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience!

The staff was so cordial that they came to receive me on the main gate and see me off as well later.

I’m already planning to visit there again!

Thank you “Warren Tricomi” team for such a warm invite and for even better experience!




The view from window




The facial products


The facial products


Check-in 😛


French Manicure ❤


Fresh & happy feet


Warren Tricomi Team


Selfie was madatory, no? 😉

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