Of Asymmetry and Graphics!

Hi there! ūüôā

When it comes to simplicity, a graphic t-shirt paired well can do the wonders for you. This way you can also experiment with the basic denim & T-shirt look.

Adding the flare of asymmetry could pump up the entire outfit. I, personally, am a huge fan of asymmetrical hemlines. This top I’m wearing is one of my go-to’s. Every time I wear this, I get a fresh feel ūüôā

When I was about to buy¬†this top, there was another piece beside this – same draft; same color but different print.¬†The one I didn’t choose had a very complex graphic print on it and on the other hand, this one had a simple silhouette.¬†The outline matters; it gives clean look.

The sandals pair matched the color of the top so much that I couldn’t think of any other footwear at all.

I was heading for a lunch treat that day and a few errands so the outfit¬†had to be comfortable and as well as glam enough for a lunch. To¬†add the tint of¬†jazz¬†– I picked up the “star” earrings and my evergreen¬†silver watch.¬†Whenever I choose accessories, I pick one shade and try to match each one of them (specially with¬†jewellery or watches). That helps simplify the look. For example – If I were to choose golden earrings, I might not choose a silver watch along with that outfit; that creates desynchronization, in my opinion.

Lastly Рthe red sling (from Baggit India) and maroon lipstick to give the finishing touch.

Let me know how’d you like the look ūüôā

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Photography: Team Kintyish

Editing Credits: Tarun Chawla

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