Oh No! Never Miss This.

First of all, Hi 🙂

It’s been just a few days I had written the last post and I already feel like I’m obscure [Sigh!].

Last week was super busy, got sick, recovered, went to my hometown, laughed, loved and definitely had a lot of office work 😐 but yes met some amazing people too.

Well, a woman has just recently joined at my workplace and as a welcome gesture :P, we were all asked to guess her age. I said 35. Guess, what was the answer!

42 [OMG!]

The next day only, I bumped into her and asked about the secret. What came out was just: CTM [Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing]!

Boy, It’s not just “Just”. She said she never missed it even once through her lifetime.

To add to that, few weeks back I was recommended to opt for this routine for my skin and I thought let me give it a shot and I purchased a kit online.

All of us [I’m sure] must have heard about this CTM a number of times but do we really care?

Well, we should. [Now that I’ve started so I can ask :P]

It really made a difference. I could see the result in just few weeks!

For picking up your perfect products, you should first get some small packagings and see if it worked.

I got mine from Cheryl’s. As my skin is oily so I opted for this kit.

Cheryl’s ClariCare Oily Skin Control Kit Review:


Their moisturizer (ClariMoist) is something I’d recommend everyone to have. It just gets absorbed and doesn’t make your skin look oily/shiny.

The face wash(ClariWash): Initially, I thought they have delivered a hair gel in place of face wash 😀 No foam was there [Not at all]. But when I gently massaged it over my face, it gave some result.

Good one for me!

The Toner(ClariTone): Well, do you know why a toner is used after washing/cleansing the face? Our skin is naturally slightly acidic in nature having pH usually in the range of 5-6. As we wash our face, the pH balance of our skin gets disturbed. For restoring the balance, the skin takes time which would result in an oily layer. You definitely don’t want that. To avoid this, a toner is used which helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin quickly and effectively 🙂

So grab your perfect kit today and get glowing ^_^!

Oh Yes! I forgot to tell you about the interesting conversation I had this morning with a friend.

Well, let’s leave it for the next post 😉

So till then.. Stay Kintyish 🙂

Cya soon.

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