The Purple Edge

Hello Hello Hello People! 🙂

So, how was the week’s opening? Had Monday blues? 😀

Hmm.. for me, it was a usual one like I mentioned above 😉

So, now.. in the last post, I had mentioned about a conversation. Well, if you don’t remember/know what I am talking about, read the post and come back.

I was having a discussion about Kintyish with a friend (colleague-turned-mentor-turned-friend) and the topic of discussion was “Beauty”.

Some interesting points came out or may be they were recalled. One of them was:

“Beauty is more on the part how you see yourself and not the way others see you. It lies within you”

Simply, you are much more beautiful than you think you are!

Feel good? You should. 🙂

Well now, to the post. As promised, here is next part of the “White Pants” tales. Purple is one of the colors that go great with white pants.

Pair it some layered necklace and you’re good to go 🙂

Let me know how’d you like the outfit! Don’t forget to read the story behind the shoot at the bottom.






Has it ever happened to you like you wait for something for so long and suddenly [when not expected], you get it [obviously, much more than the expected one]?

Well, nothing like above happened to me but may be on the similar lines. My best friend, who usually takes my pictures, is not well from last few days and that’s why I wasn’t able to do a shoot 😐

But suddenly, out of the blue, I met a friend of friend who, generously, did the shoot for me and the result – you can see that above! 🙂

Well, God has His own ways of keeping His children happy ^_^!

Ok then.. till the next post.. be yourself! 🙂

Cya soon.


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