Blue Bling Blue.

Hello hello 🙂

So, my shopping spree did not end thereadded some more stuff to my wardrobe. 😛

Well, when I saw this baby pink denim shirt, I was like “:o” 😛 and obviously I got it – along with 2 more shirts ;). There was no plan of shopping or anything similar. I was on my way to Delhi Couture Week 2013 and reached quite early so to have my time killed, I “thought” I would JUST have a look, rest you know.. I came home with shopping bags! 😀

Oh btw, Delhi Couture Week 2013 was super, I attended Ritu Beri’s show; couldn’t capture many pictures but you can have a look here at Naina’s awesome blog.

Now, just have a look at how I paired my Elle bag 🙂







How did you style your pink denim?

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Shirt: Pepe Jeans London

Jeans: Jealous 21

Shoes: Woods

Bag: Elle Fashionwear

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