Perks of dressing well | Happy Independence Day

A little late but here I am with the “Independence Day” post.

So, a day before 15th, we had a competition in our office where we had to dress in our Indian flag colours’ theme. Yes, you read it right- just white, saffron and green coloured dress. Initially, I was very excited about what would I be wearing etc etc but then I had no idea that there was nothing wearable in my wardrobe of these three colours 😐

So, I dropped the plan of being a ‘tricloured’ participant. But then in the morning, my friend came to my room and handed me over a dress and asked me if it could work. I thought – OK!

And then I had a quick look around my closet, picked my green earrings, new greenish-white flats, green bangles and BINGO!

Oh btw, painted my nails in tricolour too 😛

And yes, I won ^_^. <I think my nails got me this :D> and the prize was a beautiful Titan wrist watch *Yay*

I couldn’t click much pictures of myself as I was more into capturing the spirit of the surroundings 😛

There you go!








How did you guys celebrate Independence Day? Share with me ^_^


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