Weekend Escape

There are some moments which you would not want to let pass. This weekend was one of those moments for me, yes!

My friend’s birthday, the all night chit-chat, then the girls day out 😀

And you will realize all the happiness in the world when you’d fear it going away. [Read: The time doesn’t stay] :/

On the positive side, next weekend in on its way 😉

Never mind, it was a total fun weekend, so few quick outfit pictures and snapshot of fun 😀

I wore the dress which I wore to Bridal Fashion Week, just felt like wearing it again :P. The only difference was- my nail paint.

Gave some polka effect for it to go in tune with my outfit!






We met a very naughty kid in the restaurant who was there along with her parents beside our table. [You can spot her in the last picture.]

She readily posed for the camera 😀

Btw, travel is on cards [Yay], stay tuned on Twitter for updates.


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