Style Review: Kareena Kapoor Khan in “Satyagraha”

Hi people!

There is something different (from the usual posts) in this post today.

Let me share the story behind it. So, I had shared about my last weekend plans in my last post! It was super- the birthday girl, the party, the food, the Sunday (last) 😀

We all (me and my friends) went to watch “Satyagraha” and more than the movie, my focus was on Kareena‘s style 😛

So, here I’d share my opinion on her style in the movie.

1.  Rich Plains: Her role, in the movie, was of a journalist so the colors chosen for the dresses were mostly light (beige, grey, white etc.) plus most of them were plain (without any print). What made the look chic was the use of bright colored stoles/mufflers.


2. The perfect kohl: My favorite in her look – the kohl (from black to greyish shade), the way it suited her fair tone is indelible.

3. Hair styles/Beads Danglers : She let her hair loose in most of the looks but where they were not – she put icing on the cake by introducing beads danglers.


4. Golden manicure: Yes, there was golden manicure. I was happy to see it after I had posted about the golden nails trend 😀 

5.  Shirts (Denim and checks) : A news correspondent would be incomplete without shirts. Towards the second half, shirts/jackets were the main attraction and one of them was denim 😉


6. Watch and bands: The accessories were minimum in the forms of danglers/stoles. Watches and the bands she wore can’t be ignored. They inflamed the chic look of a journalist.

One thing which didn’t make me feel wow was the bell-bottoms. I’m personally not a fan of flared denims as such, though I had a very beautiful pair when I was 6 🙂

But that was compensated (well-above) with so many other things I mentioned above 🙂

All in all, kudos to the look, the stylist and definitely to Kareena who pulled it so well!


Catch soon,

Himanshi ❤

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