Deliberately Lost!

As I had told you about my travel thing, I went to Jaipur for a weekend and the title simply justifies my trip. Yes, it was a trip where I wanted to be lost for a while and yes I got 😉

This is the outfit which I wore on the first day, to Chokhi Dhaani. I had designed this dress for the farewell party, when I was in college.

Though this dress can be styled in a western form too, I chose to go ethnic 🙂

Because it was in the Pink city so I chose to paint myself with shades of “pink”. The turban they offered (while dining at Chokhi Dhaani) perfectly matched with my outfit and I was so happy with the picture that came out. And my Clarks sandals simply made me happy again 😀

Well, it’s good sometimes to escape yourself from the chaos of your regular routine 😉

kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_jaipur_dress1 kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_jaipur_dress2 kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_jaipur_dress3 kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_jaipur_dress4

More pictures to come soon! 😀


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