Design Tale #2 “Chiffon-Satin Halterneck Dress”

Hola people!

It’s time for the next design story on the blog 🙂

The festive season in on; theme of this outfit goes well with the season’s (well yeah, the colors).

It’s a halterneck dress. I so much adore halterneck dresses so decided to design one for myself.

The fabric of the dress is chiffon; with plain Coke colored satin used for halterneck and a border.

I’m a little skewed towards the ethnic front so styled it in a fusion way; pairing it with my grapes’ bunch earrings< I don’t know if this name exists for real>.

Well, click on the last picture for the detailed outfit post of this dress.

Western or Fusion? What’s your take?

P.S. I hope you had the merriest Christmas 😀





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