Ni Mai Kamli

Yes, my current attribute is “Kamli” only; the word means “ being mad”.

Everyone has been mad for something or the other in their respective lives.

Whether it is when you were a child mad for an ice-cream cone or when you fell in love or when you saw some special one smile or simply when you looked pretty! 🙂

This madness in you makes the life even more special and worth living for. Each moment of madness adds to the recipe of life and you can even savour the same for long by living that mad moment again.

Well, I think it’s enough of madness here and let’s talk about my outfit. 😀

This is a quick weekend outfit. The chill here in Delhi/NCR is like killing so I pulled out my old Bata sneakers and Woodland jacket (which I adore a lot).

Plus the effect of double shaded sleeves is because I wore a T-shirt over a T-shirt 😀

Here it is!







Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

Stay mad,


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