Few days back, while in office, I realized that I was happy for some unknown reason. I wasn’t able to figure out the reason for some time (well consider that I was working simultaneously, :|).

While running errands, I crossed a glass door and saw a blur image of myself. I stopped there for a while and smiled. You know why? I felt so fresh that I was unknowingly happy because I had shampoo-ed (Read: RECHARGE) my hair that day, yes!

Well that can be one of the reasons for being happy; for me, it is like recharging myself.

How do I recharge my hair?

Generally, hair wash is like a big project to me. I oil/massage my hair/scalp for about 15-20 minutes, keep it overnight and wash the other morning. This is a routine I swear by.

Why do I need to recharge my hair?

The fruits you get after this much of hard work are worth. To feel that freshness and to be able to make different kinds of hairstyles for satiating the different moods for different outfits is definitely the best incentive!

And yes, I do want to smile while looking at myself in the mirror 😉

How does it recharge my life?

Who doesn’t want to look good! My funda for looking good is: “If you feel good, you look good” and “If you look good, you feel good”. Yes, it’s like a circle.

I’m fresh and I can twist and turn my hair the way I want; what else do I need to recharge my life!

All the time, I’m just photo-ready 😀

Here’s the proof; my hair has proved to be my best friend *Grin*!



Note: This post is an entry for the Indiblogger and Sunsilk contest.

Stay Kintyish,


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