Design Tale #4 “White Ruffled Top”

A big hello to all of you! ^.^

It’s been a while I have put up a design tale on the blog. Well, finally *Grin*!

This is the best story I can think of, ever, of any of the clothing I have designed/made etc etc.

To start with, white is one of my favorite colors in clothing. I have a certain affinity towards whites (and denims) which I don’t think I can assign to any other color or fabric respectively.

I would have most of clothes specially T-shirts in white only and now on my to-do list is white anarkali suit. Yes, I’m craving for one and hope to fulfilling it soon!

Anyway, for my unabashed love for whites, I (obviously) had picked this fabric from a market without thinking what I would do with it *Sigh*

On my way from the market to home, my lovely mother kept asking me about what I had in mind but how could I tell her; I had nothing 😛 Still, I told her “Mumma, accha fabric hai, kuch to bana hi lugi [English Translation: Mother, it’s a nice fabric, I’ll make something out of it for sure *Wink*]”

The next day when I picked it up to see what I could do with it, a certain neglected constraint came up. The fabric was partially sheer; it was made of lot of white cotton stripes joint together having tiny perforations at the juncture to give it a certain kind of pattern.

I had enough of fabric so the best I could come up with was making a base top wrapped with ruffles all around it. It was so much of effort yes. Cutting ruffles out of an n-metered fabric and then stitching them to a base top, yeah (it takes time)!

This way, the perforated pattern would be visible plus making a sheer top wearable ^_^

Well finally this was the output. I still love this top to the core ❤

I’ve styled this piece in three ways so let me know which one’s your favorite?







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