I’ve been trying (from a long time) to capture the color of my hair from the time I got them red-ed. Yes! I’ve lately got done red highlights on (or in?) my hair. Well, these pictures just show (at least) some tint finally.

So, my long time craving for my red-haired picture is sort of fulfilled 😛

Anyway, apart from that, (let’s talk about another craving 😉 ) I’ve got my hands on the perfect coral lipstick. I’m not much of a lipstick-lip balm-lip gloss (or whatever) type person but lately I realized I should get some of them (Man! they look good 😀 😀 *Double grin*)So, after my wonderful stint with Revlon Super Lustrous “Love That Red”, it was turn of Revlon Super Lustrous “Kiss Me Coral”. I deliberately ordered that from the same Revlon range as I was/am in love (so much love) with the red one from the same range. I assumed the texture would be same (which actually is) and I’m loving it (totally); wearing the same in the following pictures.

So, let’s talk about the outfit now. I’m wearing a self-designed kurti paired with a waist-coat which I adore so much.

Kurti paired with a jeans is one of the coolest combinations I’ve experimented with.

Have you tried it? Let me know if you have 🙂

And also, I’m on instagram too, now. *Yay*. So, join me there<> for the quick updates.

Till the next post, stay Kintyish ^_^



{Kurti: Self-designed; Waist-coat-Local boutique; Jewellery: Flea market; Heels: Clarks Shoes}

kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_pink_kurti_waistcoat_1 kintyish.com_indian_fashion_blog_pink_kurti_waistcoat_2






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