Back to School ^_^

Hello Hello Hello 😀

Yes, a little exaggerated one!

That’s the kind of hello (hellos rather) you keep on waving when you become a part of college life specially a PG one.

As mentioned in the last post about my experimentation with outfits, backpack is yet another thing which had become obscure for me but, now is the time!

This is a quick post containing photos quickly clicked [tongue twister? 😉 ].

I had not planned for putting these up on the blog but somehow the quirky-ness in them forced me to.

You might find few expressions which you haven’t seen on the blog earlier; well yeah, I do behave weird sometimes 😀

Also, I finally got to wear my new Clarks Dunbar Racer loafers which I had been dying to wear from a lonnng time 🙂

This top is actually my kurti tucked which you would have seen here earlier.

The outfit is a basic one where I ditched accessories and stayed loyal to the colors!

As the shoes and the top are bright in nature, I opted for a plain black denim and messy hair; of course, the bag apparently matches too 😛

and we start with a high jump 😀


and a small one 😛


Ok, I sat too ^_^




*Expression change* Eeeeee


A bit of Posing


Some love for my shoes ❤ :*


and it’s a wrap!


So, let me know how’d like the post and stay connected via my Instagram account and make sure you don’t miss out on my #ootd updates; I’m pretty much active there 😉

More coming soon! 🙂

PS: Thank you Anirudh for bearing this madness while taking pictures 🙂

Lots of love,


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