Care to Blaze?

Heya Everyone! 😀 Last night, I had super scrumptious food at Gujarat Bhawan. Well, the food was so tasty that I had to share this information no matter what 😛

Anyway 😉 First of all, Happy Holi to all of you. Play safe and have lot of fun! ^_^

Now, let’s talk fashion. 🙂

There’s something about blazers that I keep on wearing them again and again (non-stop repeat) 😛 The chic look these are blessed with is something that no other piece of clothing can ever possess. Wear it over shirt, T-shirt or anything, they add the tint of their unabridged charm. Also, mustard is one of my favorite colors so do you think I could resist something which was “mustard and blazer” 😀

I had dressed up very casually pairing the black polka dots top with a simple denim and my staple black Selena Marie! Don’t forget to check out the kitty earrings 😉

So what do you think of the look? Share with me here 🙂

Till next post, Stay Kintyish! 😀







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