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Hi Everyone!

This post, as the title suggests, is about an annual campaign by Hidesign in form of a contest “Art Of Reuse”. All I had to do was create a recycled design out of the kit contents provided by Hidesign. I could use any additional accessory if required.

The theme of the contest was “Icon” based. That is – the design had to be for one’s icon. Who did I choose? Read more to know that 😉

Contests like this force one to come out of a shell and think out-of-the box. There were many thoughts in my head as to what could I make out of the leather pieces. But the design and the product had to be in sync with the “Icon” theme. Considering all the parameters, I finally chose to make a pair of footwear. It looked scary when I’d even thought of it because with a material like leather which is difficult even  to cut with domestic tools available – I was thinking of something which demanded a lot of effort within a short span of time. I got to know about the contest in its last week so I didn’t have much time left. But, as I’m a very optimistic person when it comes to tasks, I didn’t shy away from what it demanded 😛

BTW, I broke 5 needles (the small ones) during this process, cut my fingers quite a few times :/

But anyway, with completion of every step, it looked like worth all of this. 🙂

Here’s my icon and the story behind the design:

Icon: Lisa Rani Ray

Story: Peacock is considered to be a symbol of love, compassion and free spirit. It symbolizes that everyone is beautiful in their own way! The free spirit, with which the peacock dances – like no one’s watching, forces one to have another dimension in life. The way Lisa has overcome with challenges and bounced back to life – symbolizes her spirit & will power to never care about what others would think about her.
I chose to make footwear – as only our feet take us everywhere. When joined, the pair forms a single peacock with its body on one side and feathers on the other side. The pair celebrates the essence of a peacock’s spirit to stay happy in life and MOVE AHEAD like Lisa did 🙂
Here’s the step-wise sequence of how I made the pair 🙂
Step 1:
Since the leather pieces were not in abundance, in order to avoid wastage, I cut out the paper in shape of exactly the leather pieces’. This would give me a rough idea as to what design can I make out of it; because I could experiment with paper in whatever way I wanted. I labelled them with the colors as well. One can use even the same colored paper to create a dummy design. That is – Red paper for red piece and so on.
Step_1.1 Step_1.2 Step_1.3 Step_1.4
Step 2:
Draw the pieces according to the design on the leather pieces. I chose the brown one as the peacock base with yellow one for decoration; and the red one for straight/zig-zag patterns. Cut them in the shapes afterwards.
Also, make sure the decorations are done at this stage only because later, the foam would be pasted and all the stitches could be hid. For example: for peacock’s eye, I stitched a small hollow silver painted pearl. The stitching could be hid later.
For the yellow decorative pieces, after the adhesive is applied, I pressed the piece with spoon so that it’s pasted appropriately in a smooth manner.
Step_2.1.2 Step_2.1.1
                   Step_2.4 Step_2.2
Step 3: Paste foam on backside of all the cut pieces to make it soft to wear on feet.
                   Step_3.4 Step_3.5
                   Step_3.6 Step_3.9
                   Step_3.7 Step_3.2
I took sole of an old footwear and pasted a new one on it along with the designed pieces cut out. I kept the piece by piece pasted below a chair so that the heavy chair can help strengthen the adhesive bond. and lastly I stitched with the help of a special needle along the boundary of the pair so that the pieces don’t come out.
                  Step_4.0 Step_4.3
                  Step_4.1 Step_4.2
Tadaaa! Just added laces and the pair is ready 😀 😀
Last touch-up – “Kintyish” tag 😛
Here’s the final outcome!
Stay Kintyish,