#LivonExpertTalks with Dr. Aparna Santhanam

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Few days back, Livon invited Team Kintyish to a product launch event where they promised to bring on the stage a NEW revolutionary hair care product. Well, considering it was from Livon, I had high expectations; and I must say – I was not disappointed.

The Livon (Marico) team had invited renowned Expert Dermatologist and Cosmetologist & author of “Skin Deep” and “Let’s Talk Hair”, Dr. Aparna Santhanam to launch the product. The product’s name is “Livon Hair Tonic for Women”

Let’s understand the concept behind this product. According to Dr. Santhanam, it’s our tendency to term “Hair Breakage” as “Hair Fall/Loss” as we’re not able to distinguish between the both. Hair loss is a process of natural fall from the roots whereas hair breakage is the process when hair unevenly breaks from the strand. One way to identify the difference is: when hair breaks/falls, keep it on a white paper. Watch the end (from the top) of the fallen strand carefully – if it’s white it’s hair fall/loss. If the end is similar to the one when a normal strand is broken – it’s hair breakage.

There are three important terms related to hair which are A-C-T i.e. Anagen-Catagen-Telogen phases.


Dr. Santhanam explaining the cycles


The Anagen phase is the phase where the hair grows. Depending upon the time for which the Anagen phase sustains, our hair length is determined. The Catagen phase is where the hair neither grows nor falls/breaks. The last stage is the Telogen phase where the hair falls. One very important thing is that the entire scalp is never 100% in one phase. The doctor mentioned that our hair is in a different phase at different areas of the scalp.

For a healthy scalp, she says, 50-70 percent of hair should be in Anagen phase and 20-30 percent should be in the Catagen or Telogen phases. When this percentage gets disturbed, only then there is visible shedding of hair. In a woman’s lifetime, the A-C-T cycle changes for different parts of the scalp 20-30 times, on an average.

The hair fall has different reasons ranging from stress to hormonal changes in a woman’s body. These causes change the cycle of our hair and hence the effect is in correspondence of that cycle.

How “Livon Hair Gain Tonic” works is on the similar concept. According to the doctor, most of the hair products in the market available cater to the hair breakage and not literally to hair fall.

Livon Tonic will help in arresting hair-fall and accelerating hair-growth from the root of the problem in a scientific way. The tonic claims to control hair fall in 90 days.

I’ve been using this tonic for almost a week now; will update the post after completion of the course.

Here are the pictures from the event! 🙂







Beautiful bloggers at the event!





A big thanks to the Livon team for the invite and a special mention for Dr. Santhanam for such insights!



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