Feather Weather!

Hey Everyone!

My exams and a hulabaloo of too many events during last few weeks didn’t allow me to find time for a new post. Well, finally, I’ve freed myself for some time 😀 The pause became a little longer than what I’d thought of.

Today, let’s start with the location <Courtesy – Tarun>!

While we were shooting this, a graffiti on the wall featured a “traditional” devil with vibrant colors.

Beside, there was a “Ganesha” graffiti as well. When one would look at both of them simultaneously, his / her thought process would eventually be biased towards the “Ganesha” in most of the cases.

But, does that happen to us when we look at our own both sides (the positive & negative self)? What is the frequency of instances where we’re eventually able to defeat the negativity inside us and make the “Ganesha” win?

That’s food for thought.

If you’re a regular reader, you’d have read the story behind this top in the “Self-designed” section here.

You’d notice that a little change in the colors & accessories gives the entire outfit altogether a different look. Here, I’ve tried to play with my feather necklace and the pop colored sling bag.

Remember the last time I featured feather jewellery on blog? That pair of earrings and this necklace is a complete set though I never wore them together. For feather jewellery, being light in itself is a big advantage! Along with that, it adds another dimension to the entire outfit; be it in form of earrings, necklace of any hair accessory.

So next time if you spot any such piece, don’t be hesitant to pick. It will be a must-have one for you very soon 🙂

As the top is white, adding different colors was easy however, all these colors would need to be in sync.

Too many colored would dilute the serenity of “White”.

This color sync generally, in my opinion, is subjective to everyone’s personal choice. However, it’s suggested that the colors should complement each other and create a holistic impact along with not losing their own charm.

Let me know how’d you like the post. 🙂

Oh btw, yesterday I did Hair Rebonding myself, at home 😛 Will share the story soon!

Top: Self-designed

Photography Credits: Tarun Chawla Photography












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